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This story is for those who can see the human condition likened to that of many foolish and greedy monkeys set adrift upon an immense ocean, with only a raft made from bananas to prevent them all from drowning.

'The Raft' speaks of the complex journey that we are all offered in life - with the wisdom and the practices of less enlightened times to show us the way forward.

Our destination will be the wasting of our world if we do not turn away from the ignorance, the greed and the arrogant self regard that blinds so many to the danger we all face.

Set in another time and place, 'The Raft' tells of an unwelcome prophesy that sets a teacher named Tomas on a life long mission to convince those around him of an avoidable catastrophe that only he believes the future will bring.

He speaks to the reader directly and, from what he tells us, we must judge for ourselves the wisdom of his actions.

Tomas begins by challenging the routines, the rituals and even the laws that are leading his society to disaster - and he is forced to fight, as best he can, the many who refuse to listen and who oppose any change.

In spite of the threat to his life, he continues to trust his beliefs - however unlikely they may seem - and soon he loses control of the awesome task that he has taken on.

From outcast to leader, Tomas's lonely role as a 'saviour' can only succeed if fortune favours him - and the nearer he approaches his goal the more his luck holds out.

But nothing prepares him for the normally reliable forces of nature to turn against them all so suddenly, and the frightening changes to the environment grips them all with confusion and fear.

Then Tomas discovers a fundamental falsehood that has been the foundation of everything they have always known - and everything they have always believed.

Meanwhile, yet another even greater crisis is already approaching.

A powerful alien presence of overwhelming importance is about to realise its own destiny.

And then Tomas's mission will succeed.

Or it will fail.

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