The Greenhouse

Our intention was to find a plot of land, not too far from a town, and to build an energy efficient house.

And then one thing led to another...


While we searched for a plot of land to build our house, we lived in Margate. These photos and movies document our early days exploring the area.


Home movies. Some from the 80's - before digital technology made it all so easy.

The Blues

For a decade I helped produce a monthly magazine for the The British Blues Connection - a subscription-led blues appreciation organisation. The magazine was called 'Blueprint' - and many of the photographic contributions were mine.

The Raft

An eco-fantasy novel of around 200 pages written by me. Can be downloaded free as a digital file.
(pdf, ebook and Kindle)

The Greens

Video movies from the 80's and more recent published articles concerning 'green' issues and politics.


A collection of ideas from my years living in Greenwich.
I never did get around to completing this web project.

Thai Food

A homage to my favourite food - and my favourite town in Thailand.

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