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The Forest Garden

a greenhouse diary



My first visit to the plot of land in September 2009. A walled garden left neglected for at least five years. At approximately one fifth of an acre it was originally the kitchen garden for Belmont House built in 1795. Five apple trees and one pear tree were found amongst the jungle of overgrown grasses, weeds and brambles. The vendor was not cooperative and so Mariette and I declined the purchase.


A lot of rubbish remains dumped on the land including water tanks. Several garden buildings and greenhouses have been demolished on site and rubble, bricks and glass are scattered everywhere. The plot is overlooked by only one window.


The land included the early stages of a house build. A single story timber framed dwelling bounded by two walls of the garden with a roof line level with the height of the walls. Three months later the whole plot was offered for sale via an official receiver at a reduced price and we immediately offered the full asking price.