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The Living Roof

a greenhouse diary



The 125 m squared roof belongs to a single story timber framed construction built in a Victorian walled garden. Planning permission stated that the house should not be visible from outside the garden, it being in the curtilage of a listed building. We understand that the roof had a Bauder extensive green roof system installed with low maintenance sedum-planted mats on top of drainage blankets. Much of this was removed following non-payment of bills and then left unmaintained for many years.


The existing Erisco Bauder high performance roof membrane seemed intact with waterproofing around 7 upstanding light pipes. 2 walls of the garden were utilised for house boundary walls which being uncapped were suffering water penetration. Ballast stones had not been removed and my first job was to use the pallets and other building materials left on the roof to secure the remaining mats from being blown around in the wind. Water drains from E to W with no guttering attached.