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The Living Roof

a greenhouse diary



Contemporary Buildings Regulations, and our desire to be energy efficient, required us to add an extra 100mm of insulation to the existing roof. We also assumed that the existing waterproof membrane was compromised by long exposure to ultra violet rays from the sun and another membrane was needed. Our designs for rebuilding the existing house structure involved adding two skylights and removing two light pipes.


The completed surface area of the renovated roof is around 170 m squared. A water proof EPDM rubber membrane covers the added insulation and seals the capped wall cavities.


A wide gutter is added to the West and South edges of the roof.


It was important to consult with our engineer before planning the construction of the Living Roof. Calculations for the inherited construction told us that the weight allowed for the original green roof was 115 kg per m squared. Based on this we decided on two substrates. 60mm depth of a special mix from Shire Green Roof Substrates Ltd and 50 mm depth of the fibre from Green Roof Options.