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The North Garden

a greenhouse diary



Having now purchased the land known as Plot 25 together with the structure named 'The Greenhouse' we begin to clear the land and explore its secrets. Nearest the camera a neglected mature pear tree and behind it a sunken soakaway of enormous proportions. The walled corner furthest from the camera hides an electrical sub-station.


The SW corner of the house, that we intend to rebuild, is seen on the left with white polystyrene underfloor heating trays stacked outside. I placed the orange bollard where it is to warn of the huge hole that is the soakaway. Beyond is the South of the plot that will become the edible Forest Garden.


Making the plot secure by taping off the soakaway. We need to carefully plan the building of the house by recycling the existing structure as much as possible. We will install a green or brown Living Roof where pallets and other materials have been abandoned.


Our first guests enjoy a picnic despite the threat of rain. We are still living six miles away where we have made many friends.


It will take a full year after purchase before we begin the building process on the house in earnest. That period will be spent studying the plot and the effects of the climate upon it. Time-lapse recordings taken on all four equinoxes will show us daily shading patterns throughout the year. Plenty of time to explore and to control the weeds.
( 07/06/2010)