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The North Garden

a greenhouse diary



2011 is the year that we built The Greenhouse - Our new home overlooking the North Garden. We start work in January and move in to the finished dwelling at the end of November.


During the house-build the garden is very much ignored. It is used as a space to work and for storing building materials.


Drainage pipes are laid to carry rain water run-off from the South half of the roof to the soakaway. Rain water from the North half of the roof will be collected in storage tanks for gravity feeding to the edible Forest Garden.


The entire plot is about a fifth of an acre and much of that space is needed as our friend Will helps straighten out several 200 metre lengths of unforgivingly twisted underfloor heating pipes.


The garden proves useful again as we solar-dry around seven tons of sharp sand (that was then mixed with dry cement) to be used as thermal mass to surround the underfloor heating pipes laid in every room of the house.


Six weeks before we move in.