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I joined 'The Ecology Party' in the late 70's and started making video films in the early 80's.

At the Ecology Party's 1985 autumn conference in Dover the name 'Green Party' was adopted (see Article: 'Any Party? - So Long As It's Green') just as the Social Democratic Party (SDP) was gaining ground on the British political scene.

On Christmas Eve 1986, in the Greenwich constituency of SE London where I then lived, the standing Labour MP Guy Barnett died - precipitating a parliamentary by-election.

As a result, in 1987 and four months before a general election, Rosie Barnes was elected as the SDP member of parliament for Greenwich in a bitterly fought contest against a left wing labour candidate.

The local Green Party challenged both elections rounding off two busy years for the environmental movement in SE London.

I video recorded both the 1986 SE London Green Fair and the 1987 Greenwich By-Election after meeting Graham Bell - an electrician whose company was called 'Good Earth'.*

These are the videos available to view from the menu below and were produced in that distant pre-digital age of video tape, 3-tube colour cameras and vastly complicated video tape editing suites.

* Graham has since become a leading permaculture practitioner and consultant whose published books include 'The Permaculture Garden' and 'The Permaculture Way'. (For more info visit: graham


Since my recent move to Thanet I have contributed several written articles to a Broadstairs based publication called 'Thanet Watch' ** - a magazine sometimes referred to as "our local Private Eye"

My agenda was to promote green ideas under the byline of 'Greenhouse Gas'.

** (For more info on Thanet Watch visit: